Icy Remembrance

Once known as the Glasstaff, this weapon was taken from Iarno Albrek aka The Glass Staff. when the Seekers defeated the rogue Lord’s Alliance mage.

The staff was then wielded by the elven mage, Hadarai, a companion and friend to the Seekers. Hadarai met his demise when the Seekers retook Wave Echo Cave on behalf of Gundren Rockseeker.

As thanks for the retaking of Wave Echo Cave, Gundren and Nundro Rockseeker used the Forge of Spells to reforge the Glasstaff into Icy Remembrance.

This slender, hollow, shortsword looks to be sculpted from frosted glass. It weighs only a pound, though it is strong as steel. The shortsword is always cool to the touch. There is an audible sound like ice cracking when the powers are used that can be heard within 10 feet of the wielder.

When holding the shortsword the wielder gains +1 to AC, this bonus does not stack with the Iron Durability focus bonus.

The shortsword has 13 Psi points that can fuel the power within. The wielder can use the points only to power the Iron Durability powers contained within the sword as follows: Psionic Recovery 2 psi points, Iron Hide 3 psi points but always grants +6 to AC.

The shortsword regains 1d8+5 charges every day at dawn. Whenever the shortsword uses its last charge the wielder must roll a d20, on a roll of 1 the shortsword is destroyed, shattering in an icy burst.

Icy Remembrance

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