Tresendar Manor

More a castle than a house, Tresendar Manor stands at the east edge of town on a low hillside amid woods and thickets. The ancient manor has long been abandoned.

After discovering a secret wooded-tunnel entrance from Carp, the heroes discovered the crypt beneath the manor had been turned into a hideout for the Redbrand Ruffians.

The heroes were able to run off the Redbrands, and now use the former hideout as they base of operations.

The chasm in area 8 emanates a weak necromantic aura and tissue decays slower within the crevice.

The pit trap in area 3 had been bridged for now.

Hadarai spends most of his time in laboratory and library within area 11. His interest in alchemy is mainly dabbling, but he enjoys the books within. Within this library is the journal of Urman, the work composed in Dwarven, speaks of the history of Wave Echo Cave, The Lost Mine of Phandelver, and Forge of Spells, as well as speaks of the mace, Lightbringer, that was said to be crafted there.

The manor is currently being tended to by Mirna and her daughter, Nilsa, in the employ of the heroes. The manor is also currently home to the goblin, Droop


Tresendar Manor

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