Greater Hexblade Pact- Blackrazor

Blackrazor grants those that he holds the pact for, while they are in presence, a powerful boon. The Warlock becomes a force to be reckoned with in combat, though they cannot help but feel some of the insatiable thirst for souls that their master embodies.

While benefiting from this boon, the Warlock’s hex blade is treated as +3 magical weapon, in addition to the weapon’s other properties. If the weapon is already magical, the highest bonus is used to determine the weapons magical bonus. In addition, while you have the boon you have advantage on saving throws against charm and mind controls affects of all types.

In addition your Hexblade Curse has the following abilities:

Any attack roll made against the cursed target of 18, 19, or 20 on a d20 counts a critical hit.

A successful melee attack with your hexblade against your cursed target lets you regain your CHA modifier in hit points.

The boon is granted every night, at midnight, and the warlock must be in the same physical location as Blackrazor.

Greater Hexblade Pact- Blackrazor

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