Downtime Activities

Players can use their awarded Downtime Days on the following activities, in addition to any class or organization specific uses:

Build A Structure

Red Trading Post by Brother Seeker Rosch Uskevren is paid for. Will take 47 days to complete.
Hillcrest Restoration has not started yet. Will take 19,025 GP and require 112 days.

Table on 128 of DMG


Characters can spend their downtime in a variety of hedonistic activities such as attending parties, binge drinking, gambling, etc.

Carousing characters spend money as if maintaining a wealthy lifestyle every Downtime Day spent carousing. At the end of the period, roll percentiles and level, compare to table on DMG pg. 128

Crafting Magical items

As below, only you must have access to the prerequisite level of spell slot for creating the item and progress is made in 25 GP increments, rather than 5 GP.

This activity can be undertaken by the dwarves of Wave Echo Cave, eliminating the Downtime Day requirement to the character, but still requiring the GP expenditure. Current spell slots available through Wave Echo Cave is 4th level.

Crafting Normal Items
Requires proficiency with the tools required to create whatever is being created. May also need access to special materials required for project,

This activity can be undertaken by the dwarves of Wave Echo Cave, eliminating the Downtime Day requirement to the character, but still requiring the GP expenditure.

1 Downtime Day = You may craft up to 5 GP of market value, and expend half the cost in raw materials. If an item costs more than 5 GP, every day of downtime counts as 5 GP towards market value.

While crafting you can maintain a modest lifestyle without having to pay the 1 GP/day and a comfortable lifestyle at half the normal cost.

Gaining Renown

Spend Downtime Days equal to 10 x your current renown. Gain 1 renown.

Performing Sacred Rites

A pious character can spend time in the temple of their god performing rites, (weddings, funerals, etc) and meditating.

After 10 Downtime days, player has inspiration every morning for the next 2d6 days.

Practice a Profession

*Character can maintain a modest lifestyle at no cost.
*If connected to a guild or temple, earn enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle at no cost.
*If Character has the Performance skill, and the Performance skill is used during downtime, character can maintain a wealthy lifestyle at no cost.


After three days of Downtime make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, you can choose one of the following:

*End effect that prevents you from regaining hit points.
*For next 24 hours, gain advantage on saving throws against one poison or disease currently affecting you.


See pg. 187 in PHB

Running a Business

See pg. 129 DMG

Selling Magic Items

See pg. 130 DMG

This activity can be performed through the Red Trading Post eliminating the Downtime Day requirement, however the roll for success of the DC 20 Intelligence (Investigation) roll is determined by Mirna Drendar’s stats.

Sow Rumors

Characters can try to sway public opinion for or against something by sowing rumors.

See pg. 131 DMG


Required to find an instructor. Training lasts for 250 days, and requires 1 GP per day. When the requisite amount of time and money is spent, a character can gain a new language or gain a proficiency with a new tool.

Downtime Activities

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