Lost Mine of Phandelver

Southwest Tyar-Besil Reclaimed

Umberhulks are Rosch's Nemesis!

Nightal 18, 1491 DR

Having forced the Cult of the Howling Hatred members to flee the southwestern section of Tyar-Besil by running off their prophet Aerisi Kalinoth, the Called decided to secure the rest of the ruined area that had once served as the Temple of Howling Hatred. Although Discord vanished for a time, the remaining Called pushed further into the ruin, doing battle with strange beast such as a cloaker, and an umberhulk.

Having rid the ruins of cult and monsters, the Called reemerged from Tyar-Besil and sought some much-needed rest among Gyr’Squall‘s conclave in the Sighing Valley. Gyr’Squall was thankful the Called had removed the evil presence from the Sighing Valley, however bore grim tidings. From their vantage on the cliff face that contained the conclave’s cave, Gyr’Squall showed the Called a procession of refugees headed in the direction of Red Larch.

Redknife Savra Belabranta and Brother Seeker Rosch Uskevren flew out to meet the refugees atop Winddancer, Savra’s hippogriff companion. Upon meeting up with the refugees, the Called discovered that the battered and tired procession was from a small mining village called Shalesburg. They refugees spoke of how strangers, adorned in robes and jewelry of shells and driftwood, walked into the village square with a strange metallic orb. The strangers opened the orb as they chanted, and then a monsoon began battering the village. Although land-locked, suddenly a giant tidal wave appeared ,and and laid waste to the village.

Savra and Rosch went to the site of the what was once Shalesburg, to see the devastation first hand. Rosch could not help but notice the similarity of the village that now lay in ruin, and his adopted hometown of Phandalin. It was as the survivors had said, and though hard to believe, the village had been destroyed by a tidal wave.

Rosch and Savra flew back to Gy’Squall’s conclave and regrouped with the members of the Called that remained behind. While in Tyar-Besil the first time had discovered an access gate to the southeastern section of Tyar-Besil, which they had a suspicion was being used by the Cult of the Crushing Wave as a temple, as the Cult of the Howling Hatred had used the southwest section of the ruin. The Called decided they needed to take action, and on the morrow they would try and stop the water cult from doing any further damage to the innocents of the valley.

Nightal 19, 1491 DR

Having rested for the evening among Gyr’Squal’s conclave, the Called readied themselves to once again enter Tyar-Besil in hopes of striking another blow against the evil elemental cults. While they slept, Gyr’Squall had flown to Red Larch and acquired the supplies the Called had requested of him. Still another aarakocra from Gyr’Squalls enclave departed with three missives written by Gundren Rockseeker. All three told of the discovery of Tyar-Besil and contained a call for dwarves to return to the lost ruin and establish a foothold in the southwest section, as the Called worked to reclaim the lost ruin. One missive was to be delivered to Wave Echo Cave, to the Rockseeker clan, another to the dwarves of the Vale of Dancing Waters, and the last to the far away Bouldershoulder clan, the closest relatives of the Flametongue clan that was decimated when Tyar-Besil was lost.


Treasure: 3,342 gp. Ancient dwarven figurines, keepsakes, and funerary masks x26 (50 gp each), miniature electrum anvil with etchings of funerary rites in honor to Moradin (150 gp), and an immovable rod.



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