Lost Mine of Phandelver

Off To White Plume Mountain

How the other side lives

Hammer 5, Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR

Discord, Redknife Savra Belabranta, and Gundren Rockseeker all met in Red Larch, however Brother Seeker Rosch Uskevren was not present. The heat was sweltering, uncharacteristic for this time of year, and the rain that sluiced down was hot and murky. The Called in attendance observed that the cryer-board in the middle of town was filled with recent notifications inquiring about the location of lost loved ones, and warning of monster sightings throughout the Dessarin Valley. They also noticed that a large area outside of Red Larch had become an impromptu refugee camp, as more and more farmers and their family’s were forced to abandon their homes due to banditry and creature attacks.

Gundren said he needed to attend to some business, telling the others that if they accompanied him they would be extended the privilege of being able to enter a place where non-dwarves were not normally allowed. Discord shared with Savra and Gundren some of her past, telling them that she was promised to Share by her parents and that she may have a way to be free of the mistress of loss and sorrow. Gundren, taken aback at first, told Discord that she was a friend to him and his clan, then placed a comforting hand on the warlock’s shoulder stating simply, “Worry not lass, we’ll fix this.”

At that moment, Nitasys, an old friend and Agent companion of Savra arrived with news that the Belabranta’s had sent her to find Savra. Her words resonated with Discord, coinciding with the visions the warlock had been having, and they left for Waterdeep that very morning. Gundren parted ways, wishing them all well, and went off to see into whatever it was he needed to attend to.

Hammer 8, Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR

Savra, Nitasys, and Discord arrived at the palatial Belabranta estate in Waterdeep. Discord and Nitasys were overcome by the opulence of the manor, and Savra received a fairly cool homecoming from her father, Giovanni Belabranta. There, an old family friend and prominent member of the Waterdhavian nobility entreated Savra’s help in returning a stolen heirloom. In the place of the heirloom, a strange poem was left, challenging any to come and retrieve the weapons. The note was signed with a strange rune. Savra, Discord, and Nitasys agreed to help.

Traveling to the City of the Dead, an expansive and famous walled cemetery within Waterdeep, the traveler’s utilized a teleportation circle located beneath a tomb that is in the care of the Harpers. From there they traveled to another teleportation circle in Neverwinter, located in the basement of a rickety three-story boarding house.

From Neverwinter, the band traveled 30 miles southwest, to White Plume Village in order to stage their expedition into White Plume Mountain. Once there, Discord was able to piece together what was happening to her. She realized that a sword of mythic power had been calling to her, fabled to exist within the mountain. She also was able to recall the legend of the wizard Kerapatis, realizing that the strange rune was the sigil of the legendary wizard.



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