Lost Mine of Phandelver

Escape from White Plume Mountain

Wherein Otto discovers the "anti-inspiration" rule...

Hammer 9, Year of Three Sailing Ships

Having left a trail of monsters in their wake, the Called, Quetson the Clanless, and The Hag of Yn-Soth decided that they would do Dessarin Valley no good if they died within the dungeon of the mad Keraptis. Discord had retrieved Blackrazor, and the ever soul-thirsty blade was now being wielded by Redknife Savra Belabranta, the Called decided to make a break for the exit, leaving the perils of White Plume Mountain, and the other legendary weapons for another time. This decision enraged Blackrazor, though the blade was appeased by the souls it was able to drink in the escape, at least for a time.

The Called returned to White Plume Village, where Nitasys awaited them. They rode hard for Neverwinter and utilized The Harpers teleport circle to travel directly to Waterdeep, as Nitasys was able to get fellow passage from her fellow Harpers.. While traversing from Waterdeep to Red Larch Savra began to grow moody, specifically towards Quetson, as their usual banter was always a little crass and combative already. After a time Saver left to go scouting. When she returned she seemed to be in a better disposition.

Hammer 13, Year of Three Sailing Ships

The Called and The Hag returned to Red Larch. The refugee camp surrounding the town had gswollen in the time they had been gone, and smelled of sweat, sickness, and unwashed bodies. The heat was still sweltering, despite it being winter. The entire town had taken on an over all haggard look. The citizens were growing weary of the clutter and squalor that was inherent within any gathering of displaced people that now surrounded their city. Wagons were making constant trips to the river to supply enough water for the town and the refugees, and the town militia looked suspiciously on anyone they didn’t know. What is more, accounts of monstrous raids were common place now, and more then one refugee bore savage wounds from encounters with beasts that they had barely escaped. There were rumors of strange robed figures entering villages, and when they left, the villages were left in ruins.

Quetson is continuing to ride to Phandalin in order to finish guarding the construction of Hillcrest Manor’s trading post.

Gundren Rockseeker has not been seen, or heard from, in the nine days since he and the Called had left.

5 days of downtime.
10,000 gold for the reward on Sir Bluto, which is paid in Waterdeep.

4 days of travel.


Pretty sure it was for 100,000 gold T. Or maybe 10,000 Platinum for Sir Bluto….

Escape from White Plume Mountain

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