Lost Mine of Phandelver

Cult Retaliation on Red Larch

A little good with a little bad.

Hammer 14, Year of Three Sailing Ships, 1492 DR

The Called, sans Gundren Rockseeker, but being joined by The Hag of Yn-Soth, regrouped in Red Larch. Discord had not made it back yet, and Redknife Savra Belabranta made it known that she had joined the Griffon Knights of Waterdeep. Early in the morning some cultists from the Cult of the Black Earth released a Devastation Orb in the refugee camp southeast of town. The Called fought the cultists, however the devastation was great. Nearly one hundred refugees and townsfolk died in the magical earth quake, and twice that many were injured. The area that held the camp is shattered and broken, with five, one hundred foot-deep crevices, jutting stone, and uprooted trees now covering the area. Those that did survive were displaced, yet again, as the ruinous landscape is no longer hospitable.

Having defeated the cultists, and capturing the devastation orb, the Called decided to take the powerful item to Wave Echo Cave for further study and safe keeping.

Hammer 15, Year of Three Sailing Ships, 1492 DR

The Called traveled to by air throughout the day, deciding to rest at Hillcrest Manor that that evening, before going on to Wave Echo. While there, Brother Seeker Rosch Uskevren was able to catch up on his affairs, as well as discover that Nilsa Drendar is recovering. It also became evident that Mirna Drendar may have feelings for Rosch that extend past gratitude. The Hag of Yn-Soth took particular interest in the former Redbrand hideout in the ground below, as well as the abrasive servant, Droop.

Hammer 16, Year of Three Sailing Ships, 1492 DR

The Called traveled to Wave Echo Cave to deliver the devastation orb. The enclave of dwarven smiths, gnomish mages, and human mages, agreed to study the device and see if it could be repurposed to stopping the cult.

While there, Nundro Rockseeker asked about the whereabouts of Gundren, as well let the Called know that Gundren had been sent on a mission to a place called The Vale of Dancing Waters by the Rockseeker Clan matriach. Nundro seemed a little concerned that Gundren had not been heard from. The Called agreed to investigate as soon as they were back in the Dessarin Valley.

Hammer 17, Year of Three Sailing Ships, 1492
The Called returned to Red Larch with the intent of finding out about Gundren, as well as seeing if Discord had made it back.

All characters gains +2 renown with The People of Dessarin Valley.

Any character affiliated with The Harpers, Lord’s Alliance, Emerald Enclave, Order of the Gauntlet, or Zhentarim gain +1 renown in their respective factions.



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