Brother Seeker Rosch Uskevren

Exiled Sembian Noble


“Too Bold to Hide”

Personality Trait:
I judge people by there actions, not their words.

Sincerity. There is no good in pretending to be something I am not.

A proud Noble once gave me a horrible beating, and I will take revenge on any bully I encounter.

I have trouble trusting my allies.

Po, my mentor, left me with an complex multi-color tattoo on my chest and upper torso. The process was much more painful then I had expected and I blacked out during the ritual. When I came to he refused to tell me what the tattoo meant or how he was able to inscribe such a complex tattoo in only a few hour.

1st Clue: Gift Basket

People of Phandalin: 1
Lord’s Alliance: 1
The Harpers: 1
Order of the Gauntlet: 1
Emerald Enclave: 1

Significant Features:
Wielder of Icy Remembrance
Glamoured Spidersilk Studded Leather


Rosch’s family is no stranger to wealth, power, and privilege. In the glory days of Simbia, his parents and ancestors were Lords and Ladies of Selgaunt, the largest and richest city in Simbia and masters of a vast trading empire. But the Netherese invasion brought hard times to the Simbian nobility and the Uskevrens particularly, as they lost much property and wealth under the Netherese rule. Instead of growing up on traveling between his families estates, Rosch was raised in his families ancestral home: Stormweather Towers.

While a youth, indignant after hearing of his families lost stature and deep in his cups, he insulted one of the shadowkin that ruled some of his families former lands. The Netherese shade used his magic to restrain and disfigure the young Uskevren. He was only saved due to the intervention of the families mute servant Po, a native of Shou far to the east. Po struck the Shade down with a single long needle driven into the shadowman’s spine. Knowing they would face death for being involved for the death a Shade Rosch convinced Po to take him out of Simbia, leaving only a letter with his family to explain his reason for exile

After the fall of the Netherese Empire and the freeing of Simbia, Rosch reestablished contact with his family. Soon finding out of his families struggles to even hold on to Stormweather Towers. He decided to send Po home to protect the family while he does what he can to assist his family abroad and regrow their trading empire and wealth outside of Simbia. Once they have regained power he hopes to return home.

Personal Goal: Civilize Phandalin. Rosch feels he was meant for more than being a petty noble. Rebuilding his families wealth inside of Simbia is impractical, as many others in better position seek to do the same. But in the last three or four years, word has reached Stormwaether of an old mining town being rebuilt. The town of Phandalin, which orcs sacked five centuries ago. Clearly, what Phandalin needs now is a steady trading partner —someone to take the reins and see to organization and the flow of money. Someone like Rosch Uskevren.

He is not the only one with such ideas. Apparently a knight named Sildar Hallwinter also recently set out for Phandalin in the company of a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker. They plan to reclaim an ancient mine and restore Phandalin to a civilized center of wealth and prosperity. Since his goals seem to align, Rosch feels that Hallwinter should be willing to assist him in establishing trade with House Uskevren.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral. It’s essential to establish law and order, even if it takes an iron fist to do it. The nobility are bound by honor and tradition to protect their people from both external and internal threats to stability. An organized society leaves no room for evil and chaos to take root.

Brother Seeker Rosch Uskevren

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