Watcher of the ruins.


Reidoth is a gaunt, white-bearded human who doesn’t use two words when one word will do. Though he receives very few visitors, he is reasonably hospitable.

On Uktar 18, 1491 DR, The Seekers met Reidoth at the Ruins of Thundertree. It was there that the druid told them the location of Cragmaw Castle, as well as Wave Echo Cave, after he stood with The Seekers against the then living, wyrm that was known as Venomfang, now the dracolich Toxlyehemaloche.

Reidoth was forced to flee the Ruins of Thundertree upon the creation of the darcolich, as well as suffering an attack by Klarg and his minions, on the same evening. He has since been on the run from the minions of the dracolich who has sworn vengeance on the druid.


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