Iarno Albrek aka The Glass Staff.

Sildar's Missing Contact


Iarno is apparently a human wizard who traveled to Phandalin two months ago and has not been heard from.

Sildar Hallwinter, after having been rescued, now travels with the heroes in hopes of discovering something about Iarno’s whereabouts.

As the hereos rid Tresendar Manor of the Redbrand Ruffians they came to discover that their leader, the self-proclaimed Glass Staff, was in fact Iarno. The heroes killed Iarno and reported to Sildar Hallwinter of the missing man’s fate.

Sildar awarded the heroes some gold for not only clearing Phandalin of the criminal menace, but also paying for their discretion, as it would not do to have it get out that the ring leader of the Redbrands was once a member of the Lord’s Alliance.

Iarno Albrek aka The Glass Staff.

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