Leader of the dragon cultists in Thundertree


An evil, ambitious young man.

Favric has seen a meteoric rise to power within the ranks of the Cult recently, having been fortunate enough to captialize on the Seekers victory over the dragon Venomfang. Favric raised the young green dragon that very night the wyrm was slain, creating the dracolich Toxlyehemaloche.

On pace to become one of the youngest ever to wear the purple, Favric has made a lot of enemies both within, and outside, the cult. Yet Favric remains focussed on his own ambitions.

Favric has a supreme desire to see the Seekers dead. Not only does Favric have designs on capturing Phandalin, but he and his cult brothers and sisters could have slain Venomfang, and he sees the Seekers as threat that needs to be dealt with before they amass anymore power.


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