Lost Mine of Phandelver

The Od

Rosch saw Hadarai sitting apart from the others after camp was set.  He seemed to be using a faint magical light to read one of his ever present books.  Rosch felt some guilt over not trusting the mages wards and being relatively new to the group felt it was in his best interest to make peace with the elf now rather than letting any ill feelings foster.

Drawing upon manners learned long ago as a child Rosch ask, “Your pardon sir, I was wondering if I might join you for a moment.”

The mage looked up a little surprised at the humans formal phrasing, “of course and why the formal address?”

“Well to offer and an apology and an explanation,” Rosch said as he lowered himself to sit on a nearby log.

Hadarai raised a single thin eyebrow at the Simbian’s words and gestured for him to continue.

“First and foremost I am sorry for not trusting in you and your magic more, I have….an issue with trusting something that has not been proven to me.  I…was betrayed in my past and I’m afraid the incident has affected me negatively”

“Think nothing of it,” the mage said with a wave of his hand, “I’ll consider us even if you answer but a single question for me.”

Rosch smiled at the answer, “well ask away.”

Hadarai leaned forward in anticipation, “I have noticed your power seems…odd.  My question is this; what is its source?”

“The source of my power?  Well the source of my power comes from the same place as your, and Orsic’s,” the mage got an approving look as the Simbian said gesturing towards the Cleric, “and his.”  To Hadarai’s surprise Roush pointed lastly at Orlose.

“His power?  He is a skilled fighter to be sure but I have never seen him use magic…”  the mage trailed off absently stroking his chin.

“Magic?  No, well i’m sure he has a little, we all do; at least that is what I was taught,” Roush said with a shrug as he picked up a stray stick off the ground.  “He has ki, or uses ki primarily I guess I should say.”


“Yes, the power of the body guided by the mind.”

The mage nodded while stroking his chin, “ki?  Hhhhhmmmmm I believe I have heard of such a thing.  Yes!  Practiced by monks in the east and the south mostly, I have read of this.  But….I don’t think our friend there is a monk.”

“A monk?  No, I should think not…a skilled combatant absolutely.  Coordinated, strong, fast, resilient.  Ki.  The monks you speak of have just refined a process of mastering their ki.  Much like your own magic compared to a sorcerer,” Rouch smiled at the elf, “at least that is what I was taught.”

“You seem to have been taught a number of odd things friends.”

“I had a…unique teacher.”

The elf regarded Rosch thoughtfully, “‘so if Orsic and I have magic and Orlose ki, what do you have?”

“The last of the trinity of the Od, psi,” Rosch stated simply as he finish using his stick to draw a simple design in the earth.

"The trinity of the Od?”  Hadarai asked interested, “I had not heard of such a thing.”

“Od the greatest of all power, as I was taught."

Hadarai smiled, “greater even than magic?"

"The Od is a power that results from the cycle of life and death.  As the two primal forces grind against each other they release the Od in its primal state.  In that state it is to powerful for almost any being to handle, even the gods.  However, over time, like sand mixed in water, it will separate out into lesser elements.  Magic, ki, and psi, “Rosch drew three lines forming the points of a triangle around the symbol on the ground.

Almost ritually the Psion continued, “magic, the power of the spirit guided by the body.  Ki, the power of the body guided by the mind.  Psi, the power of the mind guided by the spirit."

Finishing with a whisper, “these form the trinity of the Od.”

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