Lost Mine of Phandelver

Orc Trouble at Wyvern Tor

At Sildar's behest, the heroes deal with orcs menacing the Triboar Trail.

Uktar 13, 1491 DR

Hadari, Orlose, Orsic, and Roche all traveled to Wyvern Tor to investigate the recent orcish activity. The heroes arrived as the sun was setting and decided to investigate under the cover of night. Shortly after locating orcish tracks the heroes were ambushed by goblins. The heroes dispatched their assailants and set out to investigate the cave where the orcish spore led.

Within the cave, the heroes stood against Brughor Axe-biter and his band, which included seven orcs, and brutish ogre. The heroes triumphed, and after clearing out the cave of the corpses, set up for an evening of much needed rest.

Uktar 14, 1491 DR

Having dealt with the orcs the night before, the heroes set out to follow the tracks of the goblins who attacked them the night before, in hopes of tracking them back to Cragmaw Castle, having identified the creatures as members of the Cragmaw Tribe.

It was slow going, and eventually the heroes tracked the goblins back to the Triboar trail however, with waning light, and Rosch's trepidation about being able to follow the tracks the next, the heroes set up camp and decided to instead investigate other quests, first at Old Owl Well and then at Conyberry.


413 exp each.

Treasure: 188 cp, 25 sp, 14 ep, and 8 gp each.

Owed 100 gp for completion of quest from Sildar Hallwinter.

3 vials of exotic perfume worth 10 gp/vial.




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