Lost Mine of Phandelver

Old Owl Well and the Banshee's Bargain

Wherein the adventurers quest in the area around Phandalin.

Uktar 15, 1491 DR

The adventurers' morning began with Hadarai's wards sounding an attack and Orluse's shouted warnings, as three stirges set upon the camp. The dangerous pests were denied their meal, and the adventurers avoided exsanguination.

Shortly after striking camp the adventurers arrived at the Old Owl Well. There they discovered a necromancer by the name of Hamun Kost, and his twelve zombie minions. Hamun was searching for lost Netherese artifacts amidst the tower ruins. After a prolonged battle, the adventurers vanquished Hamun, and minions, and were able to accomplish the task asked of them by Daran Eddermath

After a short reprieve, the adventurers rode northwest to Conyberry seeking the lair of the banshee Agatha, on behalf of Sister Garaele. The adventurers comported themselves to the tragic spirt's liking and, upon giving the banshee the gift of the silver comb, they were able to accomplish Sister Garaele's task.

Uktar 16, 1491 DR

The adventurers returned to Phandalin.  Upon returning, they discovered that Sildar, who had no confidence in the elected Townmaster's ability to maintain order, had taken up residence in the Townmaster's Hall. In addition to rewarding the adventurers for their completion of his task, he inquired as the whether to whether or not the adventurers had discovered anymore about the location of Cragmaw Castle. Lastly, Sildar informed the adventurers that he had taken the liberty of applying for an Adventuring Charter on their behalf. The adventurers needed think of a name for their band, or company, as Sildar was using his contacts within the Lord's Alliance to have the charter executed by none other than Dagult Neverember, Lord Protector of Neverwinter, himself.


319 exp each.

Renown: +1 The Harpers, +1 Order of the Gauntlet, for all characters.

Treasure: 9 sp, 5 ep, 30 gp, 2 pp.

Tiny decorated jeweled box (25 gp).

Other: Hadari currently owes Rosch 88 gp, Orluse 88 gp, and an unknown lender 300 gp.



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