Lost Mine of Phandelver

A Prophet of Elemental Evil Falls

You can't eat the claw...

Nightal 19, Year of the Scarlet Witch, 1491 DR

Continuing their journey through southwestern Tyar-Besil, in the area the Cult of the Crushing Wave was calling the Temple of the Drowning Wave, the Called discovered the middle part of the ruin was inhabited by monstrous allies of the cult. The Called also discovered huge stores of recently pilfered goods, no doubt the spoils of the recent increase in river pirate activity that had been plaguing the Dessarin Valley.

After a close call with a dragon turtle called Bronzefume, the Called eventually made their way into the Alter of the Crushing Wave. There they stood against the Prophet of Olhydra, Gar Shatterkeel. The Called destroyed the servant of the Princess of Evil Water, a few of her priests, and some lizardmen servants. However, the remainder of monsters within what was once the cultist’s temple remain acutely aware of the Called and their presence within the ruin. The Called found the treasury of the cult, as well as an entrance to a deeper level, guarded by a powerful demon Discord recognized as beyond the adventuring band’s abilities.

Treasure: 925 sp, 742 gp, a silver ewer (100 gp), scrolls of vitriolic sphere and tidal wave (Unusable by anyone in the party but can be traded for Warlock and/or Bard spell scrolls of equal level.), and Gar’s magic trident, Drown, a weapon with qualities unknown, but radiating a malicious cold aura.

The Called will get the benefit of the recovered trade goods, 1,000 gp in total, once this section of Tyar-Besil is cleared.


Rosch still feels cheated out of a crab dinner. Your fault Tony.

A Prophet of Elemental Evil Falls

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