The Banshees Bargain

Recently, Garaele's superiors asked her to undertake a delicate mission. They wanted her to persuade a banshee named Agatha to answer a question about a spellbook. Garaele sought out Agatha in her lair, but the creature did not appear for her.

Garaele desires an intermediary to bring Agatha a suitable gift, a jeweled silver comb, and persuade the creature to tell what she knows about the location of a spellbook belonging to a legendary mage named Bowgentle. Sister Garaele believes that a hero who flatters Agatha's vanity might be able to trade the comb for an answer.

She has recruited the heroes for the task, offering them three potions of healing as payment.

The adventurers performed the task asked of them, and were able to discover that Bowgentle's Spellbook was traded to a necromancer named Tsernoth from the city of Iriaebor. This imformation seemed to suffice for Sister Garaele, and she was happy with the adventurers results.

The Banshees Bargain

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