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  • Shrine of Luck

    Phandalin's only temple is a small shrine made of stones taken from the nearby ruins. It is dedicated to Tymora, goddess of luck and good fortune. The shrine is in the care of the scholarly elven acolyte, 

    Stonehill Inn

    In the center of town stands a large, newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers. The common room is filled with locals nursing mugs of ale or cider, all of them eyeing you with curiosity.

    The proprietor of the inn is

  • The Sleeping Giant

    A rundown tap house that is a dirty, dangerous watering hole at the end of Phandalin's main street.

    When the heroes arrived they discovered The Sleeping Giant was a known hangout of the

    Barthens Provision

    Barthen's is the biggest trading post in Phandalin. Its shelves stock most ordinary goods and supplies, including backpacks, bedrolls, rope, and rations. The place is open from sunup to sundown. Barthen's does not stock weapons or armor, but …

  • Phandalin Miners Exchange

    The Miner's Exchange is a trading post where local miners have their valuable finds weighed, measured, and paid out. In the absence of any local lord or authority, the exchange also serves as an unofficial records office, registering claims to …

  • Redbrand Ruffians

    The Redbrand Ruffians are a gang of bandits, extortionists, and thugs that terrorize Phandalin.

    The men and women of this gang adorn themselves with simple red tattoos depicting knives, skulls, and flowing text, that seem to denote rank and …

  • Grista

    Surly female dwarf who runs the [[The Sleeping Giant | The Sleeping Giant]]. Grista is more surly now, as her tavern has had almost no customers since the heroes have ran the Redbrands off.

  • Mirna Drendar

    Mirna Dendrar and her two teenage children, thirteen-year-old Nars and eighteen-year-old Nilsa, are being held captive by the [[Redbrand Ruffians | Redbrand Ruffians]]. A few days ago, the Redbrands murdered Mirna's husband, Thel, for defying them. The …