Lost Mine of Phandelver

Starry Lucidity
Discord is propositioned.

Nightal 18, 1491 DR

Discord‘s interest in the poor bastards strapped to the alter of Moradin could be best be described as “academic”. The warlock didn’t particularly like seeing people in anguish. It was more that she had spent her life being threatened by shadows. Their icy-cold, and sibilant voices had threatened her with so many torments over the years that when she encountered actual torture, she could not help but momentarily mentally transpose herself with the victims. As if sensing Discord’s thought process, the shadows around her began to shriek and writhe. Since everyone else seemed to not notice the shadows frenetic activity Discord did her best to not react past darting her eyes back and forth a few times.

Discord felt a pulsating thrum, as much in her mind, as on her chest, from Myrkur. She was surprised to find herself holding sword and scabbard tightly to her chest. The blade, recently satiated, emitted only the smallest sense of desire for lifeforce. Discord knew that Myrkur was voracious, and soon it once again call to her with the hunger.

“The hunger steady grows,” Discord and the Mrykur voiced in unison, although only Discord could hear Mrykur.

Discord watched as her companions began releasing the captives of the kenku from the alter they were being tortured upon. There was still a galvanic tingle in the air from Gyr’Squall’s lightning bolt. All that remained of the birdmen was a few scorched feathers, and their shadows forever burned into the stoney floor.

“Dead shadows,” Discord whispered under her breath. “Captured. Haunt no more.”

Discord buckled Myrkur’s scabbard back around her waist. She reached absently for the hilt to adjust the position of the sword, however as soon as her hand closed around the hilt shadows swarmed her vision.

Discord was no longer in Tyar-Besil. Amidst the writhing blackness she saw glimpses of her companions freeing the captives through sepia toned windowpanes whose edges flared with purple eldritch fire. The ever creeping chill of shadow stuff permeated Discord, and she could see her breath.

Suddenly the shadow-solid mass beneath her vanished, as if the floor had been dropped out from beneath her. She was falling through a lightless sky, wind whistling past her. Oily black tears began to form at the edge of Discord’s eyes. There was a loud “snap” that resounded suddenly as Discord’s wings, made of shadow-stuff and three times larger than she remembered them, suddenly unfurled.

And then Discord was soaring above a lone mountain that issued forth steaming water as if expectorating contemptuously unto the surrounding land scape. A huge plume of billowing steam rose above the mountain, casting the surrounding area in shadow with an inky shadow.

Others flew beside her now, a dozen, maybe more? Their shapes were umbral wisps, yet their blades, like Myrkur, but not Myrkur, formed weapon-shaped darker masses in an already lightless sky. The blade-shaped voids and their bearers descended and gathered at the foot of the mountain, as if waiting to be called. Discord smell the acrid stink of the plume and the far off his of the steam escaping the mountain jarred her teeth. Luke warm droplets of watery gray misted all the skin and clothes of all who waited at the base of the mountain.

“Will you take me up?” A voice that sounded like ice cracking spoke, being joined by a chorus of whispers, and a cacophony of ecstatic shrieks, each trailing the other slightly.

Discord’s whole body tingled, like when she thawed her limbs after being too long in the cold. The shadows swirled anew. Discord stood, a new blade in hand. This one was made of a starry sky. Instinctively she wielded the blade first against a rush of fire and a swirling gale. With another stroke of the blade she dispersed earthen hands as they grasped for her, then twirled the blade to a guard position in time to have a tidal wave crash around her harmlessly. Each time the starry blade sunk into the target Discord felt a rushing surge as she pulled the very powers of devastation into her blade, and then into herself.

Discord returned to darkness. The voice from before seemed to solidify like fractals of newly forming ice across the surface of her mind.

“Seek me when you are called. And through me, fear Her shadow no more.”

Discord found herself once again in a room in Tyar-Besil. She was sitting in a corner, her wings wrapped tightly around as if shielding her and a white-knuckled grip on the hilt of Myrkur. For the first time in as long as Discord could remember there was total silence. The silence was expansive and vast. It had weight, and it pressed upon Discord’s as if briefly holding her together. She could see her companions speaking, but no words resounded off the ancient dwarven stone walls.

And then the silence was gone.Her companions voices suddenly could be heard, faintly at first. The breathy mocking of the shadows returned. They once again promised to visit terrible tortures on her body and mind. They whispered that the longer Discord denied Her, the greater her suffering would be. The fear returned to Discord like familiar friend, and the moment of peace she had known seemed a distant memory.

If the other’s noticed Discord acting strangely they didn’t show it. Perhaps they were used to it by now. Either way, with the last of the captives freed Discord knew the group would soon be moving. That is what people did. They kept moving. If they stopped, their shadows would catch them.

Into the Temple of Howling Hatred

Nightal 17, 1491 DR

Brother Seeker Rosch Uskevren returned to Hillcrest Manor after burying his friend, Orlose Cherboga. There he found that were affairs were well in order, and although it had not yet yielded a profit, his trading post, as over seen by Mirna Drendar, had not lost any money either. Shortly after Rosch had squared everything away he met Watson Nettlebee at the Stonehill Inn. It was there that Watson informed Rosch of his family’s dark dealings with the Cult of the Black Earth, os well as gave Rosch his grandfather’s ledgers and journals in a bag of holding. Watson impressed upon Rosch the need for his return to the Dessarin Valley in order to help end their troubles.

Discord returned to Hllcrest Manor with Rosch. It was there she discovered teh alchemy lab formerly used by Hadarai. She cleaned up the lab, as purposed it as her temporary quarters while in Phandalin.

Redknife Savra Belabranta, being home in Red Larch only a few days after her recent mission with the Agents, was approached by Gyr’Squall on behalf of the creatures within the Sighing Valley. Gyr’Squall’s conclave had made an arrangement with the griffons and manticores of the valley that if Savra could rid the valley of the presence of the Cult of the Howling Hatred they would allow her to reclaim Feathergale Spire. Savra was told to travel to Phandalin and seek out Rosch and Discord, as they would likely assist.

Nightal 18, 1491 DR

Savra, Gyr’Squall, Discord, and Rosch traveled to the Sighing Valley and entered the Cult of Howling Hatred’s temple, in what was once the dwarven stronghold, in disguise as cultists. The newly formed companions witnessed some rather disturbing and horrific practices within the temple, and have begun purging the cultists from this underground complex.

18 gp a piece in loose coins.

Victory at a High Cost
Evil cults claim another Seeker.

Nightal 13, 1491 DR

The remaining Seekers, Brother Seeker Rosch Uskevren and Orlose Cherboga, traveled back to Scarlet Moon Hall in order to exact vengeance of they that had slain Orsic. They were accompanied by a strange tiefling warlock calling herself, “Discord” and an elven priest of Shevarash called Soveliss.

Upon returning to the haunted keep, the Seekers discovered it was much as they had left it, and the ritual of the Wicker Giant had yet to have taken place. Attacking from the east, the party quickly became mired in a terrible battle with members of the Cult of the Eternal Flame, bugbears, worgs, and fire elemental. The battle was prolonged and terrible, first claiming the life of Soveliss, and then Orlose. During the course of the battle they learned that the rite had been a ruse, used to draw out potential recruits for the cult.

Eventually Discord and Roche were able to see the cult leader, Elizar Dryflagon, dead. Dryflagon plummeted from the burning tower of the ruins, sapped of strength by Rosch’s summoned shadows, in a failed attempt to climb down. As what remained of Dryflagon’s cultists descended upon Rosch and Discord, they both opted to flee the haunted keep, bereft of companions and badly taxed from the battle.

Please advance your characters to level 6.

Insult to Injury
A missive from the past.

Nightal 12, 1491 DR

Orlose Cherboga had never been to Red Larch before, so he was more than a little surprised as the man shakily approached him as he stood outside the Allfaith’s Shrine in the early hours of the morning. The man reaked of booze and piss, old and new, and he could barely say the fighter’s name. Even still, the man looked shaken, and he all but ran after he thrust what looked to be a dirty piece of parchment into Orlose’s hands.

Orlose stared at the parchment, so much had happened in the last twelve hours. He opened it numbly and saw that the missive was scrawled in a heavy hand, the strokes broad and blotted, with holes throughout where the author and ripped the sheet with the quill. The penmanship was beyond poor, yet Orlose managed to read the following:

Human Dog

Not so good to lose clan mates huh? Me heard you are called “Seekers”. Looks all you find is your mates’ death. I sad the druids put the dwarf in the dirt before I could. Heard the elf died too. Too bad. I was looking forward to choking that one. I like choking elves. Bones like birds. Little snaps, big gasps.

You make my vengeance easy, but rob me too. Going to be none left for killing if you keep getting your friends bodies dropped. You, the elf, and the dwarf came into my home. Killed my clansmen. And now you rob me again! Maybe when I come for that traitor Droop I will spend some time with your house-ladies. I like choking ladies. Bones like birds, like elves, only they scream. Oh how they scream.

I am right behind you. You are all that is left. Guess I am going have to kill you slow.


Oh ya! Say thanks to your mate what dropped that bear. I like the skin. It makes for good cloak.

Alas, Poor Orsic
Rest is granted amidst a fiery blast.

Nightal 11, 1491 DR

The Seekers had little chance to regroup before they came under assault by the Turmishan druids and the traveller who had joined them. The Turmishan’s seemed to care not for the fate of the “savages”, as the origin of the Rite of the Wicker Giant was secondary compared to the ability to potentially repair their homelands around the Sea of Fallen Stars. After defeating the druids, the Seekers discovered that the visitor, who had raved madly about the “unworthy”, bore an amulet that marked him as a member of the Cult of the Crushing Wave.

After a brief reprieve, under the advisement of Orlose Cherboga, ultimately the Seekers, joined by the half-orc emissary from the Emerald Enclave, Neega, and the Zhent Moda decided it was better to leave no hostiles behind them, before cresting the hill to investigate what remained of Scarlet Moon Hall.

The Seekers made their way to the base of the hill, and there battled with the two cultists of the Cult of the Eternal Flame, who were disguised as druids of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. The fight proved deadly for one of the Seekers, and Orsic’s life was consumed in a series of fiery assaults. After the battle the Seekers decided to flee, though it pained Orlose greatly, to Red Larch.

Nightal 12, 1491 DR

Riding through the wee hours of the morning, the Seekers arrived in Red Larch and raced to the Allfaith’s Shrine to see what could be done for their fallen friend. There they met Imdarr Relvaunder, who said that there was little he could for Orsic, however he could pray for a spell that would allow for the halting of the decomposition of the body for a tenday. That service would require a donation of 40 gp to the Allfaith’s Shrine and time for him to have the magic bestowed upon him. With no choice, and being physically and emotionally exhausted, what remained of the Seekers and their party, took rest in the shrine until morning.

When morning came Imdarr approached the party, handing them back their 40 gold pieces and saying, “As soon as the power was granted me, I sought to administer over your friend as you asked. Yet, I cannot do as you wish. The Forgefather has already called that one home, and only body bereft of a spirit remains.” With that Imdarr placed the coins and a small chest containing what remained of Orsic’s belongings, his charred holy symbol resting heavily atop his battered adventuring gear, on the bench next to Orlose and Roche.

687 exp each.

Treasure: 120 gp in loose coins and minor valuables.
scroll of skywrite, revivify, silence, augury
*Moda has Orsic’s guantlets of ogre power, Hew, and Lightbringer. The boots of striding and springing are i n he chest of Orsic’s belongings.

To Scarlet Moon Hall
Least festive festival ever!

Nightal 11, 1491 DR

Having spent the night the Harvest Inn in Westbridge the Seekers, still accompanied by the Zhent Moda, discovered that all the excitement was about an unknown rite that was to be performed at Scarlet Moon Hall by a group of druids calling themselves the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. This circle, lead by a druid named Elizar Dryflagon, was going to enact the Rite of the Wicker Giant. This unknown rite was said to have the power to restore peace and balance to troubled lands, and the Dessarin Valley was certainly troubled at present.

The Seekers traveled to Scarlet Moon Hall and arrived that evening. They made their way from camp to camp, discovering that things may not be as they appear. Ultimately they discovered that the Circle of the Scarlet Moon isn’t real, and those posing to be druids and rangers are actually members of the Cult of the Eternal Flame.

The Seekers met and befriended an elven druid from the Circle of the Riven Oak. A circle in the High Forest who knew of the late Prince Hadarai. They also met druids from the Emerald Enclave who informed them that Reidoth has gone missing, and a new terror stalks the Ruins of Thundertree. Being thankful for the warning, the druids have fled back West, and said they would try and send help to the Seekers this night, as they new the Seekers were going to try and stop the cult before they enacted the ritual on the next day.

The Seekers sent warning to some Turmishan druids they had met by way of Muisti, telling them of what they had discovered, then attacked a small group of cultists. The attack alerted and incited a pair of werewolves, no longer able to control their inner beast at the fresh scent of blood, in a near by camp. The Seekers fought the werewolves and cultists, defeating them. However, they would get no respite, as just as the last of the werewolves falling, the Turmishan druids appeared at the edge of the smokey haze, led by a man shrieking, “I told you! I told you they would try and stop the ritual. We must not let them!”

1,175 Exp each.
Treasure: Orsic was given a scroll of lesser restoration.
Other: Increase faction standing with the Emerald Enclave by +1.

The Healing Burn
Unplesant Memories

Rosch tossed back the last of the heavily spiced rum and looked at his empty cup with a sigh as the liquid burned into him. The “healing burn” was what his father had called it. To Rosch it sounded like something only an a drunk or an asshole would call a strong drink. Truth be told Rosch considered the man both a drunk and an asshole, but really what was to be expected of a line of nobles descended from pirates.
“House Uskevren, to bold to hide,” Rosch said under his breath as he lifted his glass a little. Rosch smiled as the Harvest Inn’s busty waitress nodded at his gesture and went about her business. Rosch had meant the gesture as a toast to his estranged family back in what was left of Simbia, but it looked like the waitress saw it as an order for another drink. An economical gesture then, his father, the drunk asshole, would have been pleased.
Rosch let out another sigh, was he any better? That was the thought that he had been rolling around in his head for most of the journey after leaving the Nettlebee’s. Afterall, here he was drinking to ease his discomfort. Did that make him a drunk? Probably not, but it could be a step on the path. Maybe his dad started that way. Killing a boy’s father and grandfather in front of him. Did that make him an asshole? Absolutely. Was it the right thing to do given the situation? Probably.
Rosch picked up the glass the waitress had set in front of him as he reviewed the past few days events. Was what he and the seekers did at the Nettlebee’s right? Probably.
“Well, to dear old dad then, may he have a good laugh at me for this,” Rosch said with a sad smile, “he always said I would get it eventually.”
His father was often right, but he was still an asshole.

A New Journey Begins
On to the Dessarin Valley!

Nightal 6, 1491 DR

Two weeks after the Seekers had emerged triumphantly from Wave Echo Cave they were asked to attend an audience with Halia Thornton. During their audience with Halia, the Seekers discovered that their deceased friend, Hadarai owed her quite a lot of money, and she could potentially bring shame to their fallen comrade’s family if certain details came to light. Halia assured the Seekers these details would not come to light so long as the Seekers ran an errand for her in which they would need to travel to the Nettlebee’s Ranch and investigate the rumors of a fire witch. The Seekers were instructed to have Halia’s man, Moda, accompany them.

Nightal 10, 1491 DR

Upon their arrival at the Nettlebee’s ranch, the Seekers were greeted by Watson Nettlebee. Watson led the Seekers to the ranch house where they were able to meet the rest of the family.

The Seekers discovered an Uthgardt cairn was on the Nettlebee’s property, The fire witch had apparently desecrated the cairn as well as branded some of the Nettlebee’s cattle with a strange mark.

The Seekers investigated the cairn, and found an Uthgardt revenant of the Elk Tribe – Uthgardt disturbed from his eternal slumber, named Javor. No sooner had the Seekers spoken with Javor than the cairn entrance was collapsed, and the Seekers had to do battle with an earth elemental that bore a strange glowing rune on its “head”.

The Seekers destroyed the elemental as Javor tore free the stones that blocked the exit to eh cairn. Outside, the Seekers discovered that there were twelve living members of the Elk Tribe, drawn to Javor by visions, waiting to help Javor punish the defilers of his tomb.

The Seeker’s agreed to return the defilers to Javor, sparing the Nettlebee family the wrath of the Elk Tribe barbarians, as Javor identified two of the Nettlebee’s as the defilers. Eventually the Seekers did battle with Wiggan and Bertram Nettlebee, as they had been the ones who had fabricated the fire witch story, as well as robbed Javor’s cairn. Chaos ensued during the battle, ultimately resulting in the in the two Nettlebee’s being killed in front of their family, with he rest of the family having no real idea what was happening.

When Javor was delivered the defilers, and his justice enacted, he asked the Seekers to return his treasures. The Seekers did, then attempted to provide some clarity to the Nettlebees before traveling to Westbridge.

The Seekers arrived at the Harvest Inn in Westbridge at nightfall to find it bustling with travelers and talk of a fire festival that was being held at Scarlet Moon Hall. Curious about the festival, the Seekers decided to travel to Scarlet Moon Hall and investigate. That night, the Seekers discovered a shard of gray-green glacial ice in their packs that didn’t melt. The magical charm was a gift from Javor’s ancestral spirits. What is more, Orlose Cherboga discovered one of Javor’s treasures within his pack, presumably gifted to him from the dead chieftain.

412 Exp each.
treasure: Charm of heroism. Works like a potion of heroism, and can be used twice before the charm dissipates and the shard of glacial ice melts.
Other: The Harvest Inn costs each character 8 sp, but the meal is included.

Reclaiming Wave Echo Cave
A module complete!

Uktar 22, 1491 DR

The Seekers emerged from Wave Echo Cave victorious, having reclaimed the ancient mine and the Forge of Spells from the undead and guardian monsters that had claimed it.

While within the dungeon, the Seekers battled Nezznar, the Black Spider and his minions. Nezznar used the Cragmaw Goblins and the Redbrand Ruffians in his attempt to claim the Forge of Spells for himself. The drow mage was also responsible for the kidnapping of Sildar Hallwinter, Gundren Rockseeker, Nundro Rockseeker, and the murder of Tharden Rockseeker. Hadarai, friend and companion of the Seekers, was killed in the battle with Nezznar.

The mine restored, the Rockseeker brothers have restarted the mining operation and are overseeing attempts to restore the Forge of Spells to its original power. As per the agreement made by Gundren, the Seekers will now get ten percent of the profits of the mine.

Please advance your characters to 5th level.

Treasure: 271 cp, 53 sp, 81 ep, 43 gp, 5 pp each.
Locked iron strong box (contents still unknown), potion of healing, potion of vitality, 3 diamonds (100 gp each), wooden pipe with platinum filigree (Hadarai was so stoked on this! 150 gp), treasure map, 9 smalll gemstones (10 gp each), and a Dwarven ale mug made of hammered electrum (150 gp).

Other: Seven days of downtime.

Rescue Gundren from Cragmaw
At long last Gundren is found!

Uktar 20, 1491 DR

The Seekers arrived at Cragmaw Castle at midday. Orsic, finally having discovered the location of his cousin Gundren, was eager to enter the castle. Within the ruined castle the Seekers fought against the bulk of the Cragmaw tribe, facing goblins, hobgoblins, an owl bear, a wolf, a doppleganger, and bug bear who was serving as the Cragmaw Chieftain. Despite having been badly beaten, and an attempt on his life by the spiteful bugbear chief, the Seekers managed to rescue Gundren.

Gundren, adamantly wanted leave with the for Wave Echo Cave with the Seekers after traveling back to Phandalin, in order to learn the fate of his brothers, Nundro and Tharden. He confirmed that someone called the Black Spider orchestrated his capture. What is more, he has offered the Seekers their next job. Orsic was able to reason with Gundren, and had got his cousin to agree to let the Seekers handle this mission, while Gundren stays in Phandalin where it is safe.

While Hadarai and Brother Seeker Rosch Uskevren stayed at the ruins of Cragmaw to clenes a corrupted shrine, Orlose Cherboga and Orsic travled back to Phandalin. There they delivered Gundren, as well as updated Sildar Hallwinter on their progress, which included collecting their reward for accomplishing Sildar’s final task. The Seekers also returned Sildar’s armor and sword that had been taken from him when he was abducted by the Cragmaw’s and taken to the Cragmaw Hideout. The Seekers have agreed to meet up in the late morning at Wave Echo Cave in an attempt to finally put an end to this threat.


950 Experience each.

Treasure: 155 gp each, 63 ep each, 55 sp each, 5 spears, four longswords, three morningstars, two greatswords, a quarterstaff engraved with stylized feathers and surprisingly light (10 gp), chalice (60 150 gp), censer (60 gp), and knife (120 gp)

Sildar owes the Seekers a favor for returning his armor and shield.
Hadari will repay both Orlose and Rosch the remaining 59 gp each he owes them.
Hadari has a golden statue that any good character can use once to cast an augury spell.


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