Dracolich lord of Thundertree Ruins


Once the young green dragon known as Venomfang, Toxlyhemaloche, or Lord Hemlock as it has begun to be known in the Neverwinter Woods, was ushered into unlife on the very same day in which he was slain. The young wyrm fell to the The Seekers, joined by Reidoth, on Uktar 19, 1491 DR.

Favric, and his brothers and sisters of the Cult of the Dragon, were among the Ruins of Thundertree on the day the dragon was slain by The Seekers. That very night the cultist called on the already prevalent necromantic power that permeated the ruins, enacting a ritual for creating the macabre and horrific creature known as dracolich. The ritual stripped away what remained of Venomfang’s skin, a process started by The Seekers as they claimed their trophies, leaving the flayed body to eternally rot and seep with noxious vapors.

Lord Hemlock wants vengeance upon the The Seekers, especially the dwarf whose hammer struck the killing blow, as well as the Druid Reidoth. The dracolich knows that the druid is affiliated with the Emerald Enclave, and from his seat of power in Thundertree, has begun purposing his army of ash zombies, twig blights, and giant spiders, to disrupt Emerald Enclave activity, and kill any known members.


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