Mirna Drendar

Widow and once captive of the Red Brands


Mirna Dendrar and her two teenage children, thirteen-year-old Nars and eighteen-year-old Nilsa, are being held captive by the Redbrand Ruffians. A few days ago, the Redbrands murdered Mirna’s husband, Thel, for defying them.

The heroes rescued Mirna and her family while they were being held prisoner by the Redbrand Ruffians beneath Tresendar Manor. As mark of her gratitude, she told the heroes about her family heirloom.

Mirna and her family have suffered a lot recently with the murder of her husband by the Redbrands, as well as her their captivity beneath the manor. For now, the widow is grateful for the work provided by the heroes, tending to the crypt beneath Tresendar, as the work keeps her busy. That being said, neither Mirna or Nilsa enter the area they were held captive, the tending of that area is left to Droop.

Upon establishing the trade house, Mirna and Nilsa now operate the trade house while the adventurers are away. Mirna is a committed and shrewd employee. She feels as if she owes the The Seekers much, and wants to repay them by having the trading post be a complete success.

Mirna Drendar

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