An acolyte of Oghma with a insatiable desire for ancient knowledge

  • Uses Mage Hand excessively. Basically if it is out of Hadarai’s immediate reach he will magically bring it closer.
  • Ray spells are sustained until next action or move in appearance (Diablo 3 channeling style.)

Hadarai has spent his life dedicated to Oghma, all-seeing god of knowledge, and spent years learning the lore of the multiverse.

Through visions delivered in his trances, Hadarai’s god has called him to a new mission. A
goblin tribe has made its lair in an ancient ruin now called Cragmaw Castle, where they have defiled a shrine once sacred to Oghma. Now dedicated to the vile goblin god Maglubiyet, the altar is an offense to Oghma that must not stand.

Hadarai is sure Oghma has greater things in store for him if he can complete this quest. In the meantime, his visions suggest that Sister Garaele—a priest of Tymora, the goddess of luck—can aid him in the town of Phandalin.

Hadarai uses polysyllabic words that convey the impression of erudition. Also, he’s spent so long in the temple that he has little experience dealing with people on a casual basis. Hadar believes the path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge.

The tome Hadarai carries with him is the record of his life’s work so far, and no vault is secure enough to keep it safe.

Hadarai will do just about anything to uncover historical secrets that would add to his research.

Since arriving in Phandalin and spending time with the heroes, Hadarai has begun to to disavow himself of many of the trappings of his former life. Although his face nearly always buried in a book still, he tends to favor sensible and simple clothing. Preferring simple cotton tunics, sleeves often rolled up, and loose gray trousers tucked into high leather traveler’s boots.

Even when adventuring or caravaning, Hadarai tend to keep his garb simple. Adorning a long woolen coat with fur collar and cuffs when needed, and sporting a baldrics for her swords and crossbow slung across his back.

Hadarai was slain in a battle with Nezznar, the Black Spider on Uktar 21, 1491 DR by one of the drow mage’s giant spider minions.


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