Tormented goblin in the Redbrand hideout.


After the heroes gained control of Tresendar Manor they seemed to have inherited the services of the Cragmaw Goblin known as Droop.

Droop has very little interest in leaving the family crypt beneath Tresendar. He is the self-proclaimed, chief watchmen and exterminator within the underground complex.

Droop does as he is told by the heroes, although the heroes often have to be very clear on their instructions or Droop will cut corners. He mutters unflattering things in goblin as he sets about his tasks. Those that see to the manor like Mirna Drendar, basically treat the goblin fairly, but with a stern hand.

Although the goblin hisses occasionally, it doesn’t seem like he would hurt anyone within the heroes employ. Even still, no one would be willing to leave Droop alone with children or small pets.


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