Lost Mine of Phandelver

To Scarlet Moon Hall

Least festive festival ever!

Nightal 11, 1491 DR

Having spent the night the Harvest Inn in Westbridge the Seekers, still accompanied by the Zhent Moda, discovered that all the excitement was about an unknown rite that was to be performed at Scarlet Moon Hall by a group of druids calling themselves the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. This circle, lead by a druid named Elizar Dryflagon, was going to enact the Rite of the Wicker Giant. This unknown rite was said to have the power to restore peace and balance to troubled lands, and the Dessarin Valley was certainly troubled at present.

The Seekers traveled to Scarlet Moon Hall and arrived that evening. They made their way from camp to camp, discovering that things may not be as they appear. Ultimately they discovered that the Circle of the Scarlet Moon isn’t real, and those posing to be druids and rangers are actually members of the Cult of the Eternal Flame.

The Seekers met and befriended an elven druid from the Circle of the Riven Oak. A circle in the High Forest who knew of the late Prince Hadarai. They also met druids from the Emerald Enclave who informed them that Reidoth has gone missing, and a new terror stalks the Ruins of Thundertree. Being thankful for the warning, the druids have fled back West, and said they would try and send help to the Seekers this night, as they new the Seekers were going to try and stop the cult before they enacted the ritual on the next day.

The Seekers sent warning to some Turmishan druids they had met by way of Muisti, telling them of what they had discovered, then attacked a small group of cultists. The attack alerted and incited a pair of werewolves, no longer able to control their inner beast at the fresh scent of blood, in a near by camp. The Seekers fought the werewolves and cultists, defeating them. However, they would get no respite, as just as the last of the werewolves falling, the Turmishan druids appeared at the edge of the smokey haze, led by a man shrieking, “I told you! I told you they would try and stop the ritual. We must not let them!”

1,175 Exp each.
Treasure: Orsic was given a scroll of lesser restoration.
Other: Increase faction standing with the Emerald Enclave by +1.



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