Lost Mine of Phandelver

Into the Temple of the Crushing Wave

Beer-weirds! Truly, the cults evil knows no bounds.

Nightal 19, 1491 DR

The Called, having been rejoined by Discord, made their way into southeastern Tyar-Besil, which the Cult of the Crushing Wave was using as their temple.

Upon entering, the Called did battle with strange a cultist who identified himself as Morbeoth, and seemed to have command of over powers of ice and cold. The Called defeated Morbeoth and the cultists who accompanied him, men and woman who fought with shark-toothed longswords and shields made from the carapace for large horseshoe crabs, as well as bugbears. After the battle the Called discovered some letters written a fairly distinct style, a combination of block letters and script, that detailed the actions of the Called, as well as the Heroes that came before them, as they pertained to what the groups were, and had been, doing in Red Larch. These letters confirmed what the Called had already suspected, that cult had a spy in Red Larch, and these letters might be able to identify who it was. An even more startling discovery was that Morbeoth’s workshop was used for creating strange magical backpacks that radiated elemental magic. The Called discovered that the backpacks were made to contain waterweirds, as they had to fight three that were being kept in the tanks of what was once the Thunderhammer Brewery. These magical backpacks would allow for a cultist to transport the dangerous beats, and even allow them to fight on land, a proposition that could only spell disaster for the people of the Dessarin Valley.

Having taken a short rest, and defeating the waterweirds, the Called pressed further into the Temple of the Crushing Wave.

Treasure- 6 pp, 66 sp each. Potion of healing and potion of gaseous form. Spy’s letters and up to five of shark-toothed longswords which, if used against a target that is wearing no armor, does an extra die of damage.

Remember to take a look at other chars personality, bonds, flaws, etc as I am pretty much making you guys responsible for granting Inspiration to one another.



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