Lost Mine of Phandelver

Insult to Injury

A missive from the past.

Nightal 12, 1491 DR

Orlose Cherboga had never been to Red Larch before, so he was more than a little surprised as the man shakily approached him as he stood outside the Allfaith’s Shrine in the early hours of the morning. The man reaked of booze and piss, old and new, and he could barely say the fighter’s name. Even still, the man looked shaken, and he all but ran after he thrust what looked to be a dirty piece of parchment into Orlose’s hands.

Orlose stared at the parchment, so much had happened in the last twelve hours. He opened it numbly and saw that the missive was scrawled in a heavy hand, the strokes broad and blotted, with holes throughout where the author and ripped the sheet with the quill. The penmanship was beyond poor, yet Orlose managed to read the following:

Human Dog

Not so good to lose clan mates huh? Me heard you are called “Seekers”. Looks all you find is your mates’ death. I sad the druids put the dwarf in the dirt before I could. Heard the elf died too. Too bad. I was looking forward to choking that one. I like choking elves. Bones like birds. Little snaps, big gasps.

You make my vengeance easy, but rob me too. Going to be none left for killing if you keep getting your friends bodies dropped. You, the elf, and the dwarf came into my home. Killed my clansmen. And now you rob me again! Maybe when I come for that traitor Droop I will spend some time with your house-ladies. I like choking ladies. Bones like birds, like elves, only they scream. Oh how they scream.

I am right behind you. You are all that is left. Guess I am going have to kill you slow.


Oh ya! Say thanks to your mate what dropped that bear. I like the skin. It makes for good cloak.



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