Lost Mine of Phandelver

Alas, Poor Orsic

Rest is granted amidst a fiery blast.

Nightal 11, 1491 DR

The Seekers had little chance to regroup before they came under assault by the Turmishan druids and the traveller who had joined them. The Turmishan’s seemed to care not for the fate of the “savages”, as the origin of the Rite of the Wicker Giant was secondary compared to the ability to potentially repair their homelands around the Sea of Fallen Stars. After defeating the druids, the Seekers discovered that the visitor, who had raved madly about the “unworthy”, bore an amulet that marked him as a member of the Cult of the Crushing Wave.

After a brief reprieve, under the advisement of Orlose Cherboga, ultimately the Seekers, joined by the half-orc emissary from the Emerald Enclave, Neega, and the Zhent Moda decided it was better to leave no hostiles behind them, before cresting the hill to investigate what remained of Scarlet Moon Hall.

The Seekers made their way to the base of the hill, and there battled with the two cultists of the Cult of the Eternal Flame, who were disguised as druids of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. The fight proved deadly for one of the Seekers, and Orsic’s life was consumed in a series of fiery assaults. After the battle the Seekers decided to flee, though it pained Orlose greatly, to Red Larch.

Nightal 12, 1491 DR

Riding through the wee hours of the morning, the Seekers arrived in Red Larch and raced to the Allfaith’s Shrine to see what could be done for their fallen friend. There they met Imdarr Relvaunder, who said that there was little he could for Orsic, however he could pray for a spell that would allow for the halting of the decomposition of the body for a tenday. That service would require a donation of 40 gp to the Allfaith’s Shrine and time for him to have the magic bestowed upon him. With no choice, and being physically and emotionally exhausted, what remained of the Seekers and their party, took rest in the shrine until morning.

When morning came Imdarr approached the party, handing them back their 40 gold pieces and saying, “As soon as the power was granted me, I sought to administer over your friend as you asked. Yet, I cannot do as you wish. The Forgefather has already called that one home, and only body bereft of a spirit remains.” With that Imdarr placed the coins and a small chest containing what remained of Orsic’s belongings, his charred holy symbol resting heavily atop his battered adventuring gear, on the bench next to Orlose and Roche.

687 exp each.

Treasure: 120 gp in loose coins and minor valuables.
scroll of skywrite, revivify, silence, augury
*Moda has Orsic’s guantlets of ogre power, Hew, and Lightbringer. The boots of striding and springing are i n he chest of Orsic’s belongings.



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